Why Ginger Girls Make the Best Escorts

Ginger Escorts

Gone are the days where female companions with ginger hair were considered to have no souls. Attitudes have completely changed. Nowadays they have the best reputations! Gingers make the best escorts. It’s not just their thick hair that shines, it’s their uniqueness.  Read on to find out why.  

Ginger escorts are the rarest type. There is only two percent of the world’s population who have this hair colour. If you are lucky enough to have a booking with a female companion with orange to red hair, you are in the minority. Therefore, you are the envy of a lot of men. They have a unique appearance because of their hair colour. The characteristics of a ginger escort are pale skin, cute freckles and green eyes. Blue eyes and ginger hair escorts have the rarest combination in the world.  

According to a survey, gingers enjoy regular, explosive sex. Weve all heard the stereotypical personality trait that gingers are fiery with regards to their personalities. But anyone who has visited a ginger escort will tell you it actually means they are passionate in bed. They don’t just hear what you want in bed, they listen and act upon it. They don’t just try; they make a full effort to ensure complete satisfaction. Ginger escorts emit an energy that makes clients want to be with them. If ginger escorts don’t have souls, it’s because they steal yours with their wild bedroom activities. Their superpower is their extremely high libido!  This fact alone makes gingers the best escorts!  

Escorts with ginger hair are super photogenic. According to science, the shades of orange and red have a positive reaction to our brains. Ginger female companions have such a unique biochemistry which makes them smell naturally gorgeous, then the rest of the escorts who need perfumes. They are also known to offer more affection and cuddles in bed than their collegues. This is because their skin is sensitive to cold temperatures. Ginger escorts need your body heat to keep them warm. Therefore, ginger girls literally want to wrap their naked bodies around yours.  

Ginger escorts always look younger and more youthful. This is because their natural hair colour does not go grey. When they are very mature, the hair colour fades to white through rose-gold. If you have a fantasy to be with a ginger, you are more likely to find a ginger escort in Scotland or Ireland to hire.