How to be an amazing escort

Anybody can work as an escort, but what exactly does it take to be a successful escort. Whether they are individual or agency, there is always that one girl who seems to constantly be booked. Her clientele is usually the higher class gentlemen. He is the type of client that every escort dreams of having.

The difference between being her and being you. Is down to more than just good fortune. Obviously, her looks and character play a part. But what exactly is it that makes her more flourishing than you.

The main thing is the way she markets herself. But, you market yourself too. Think about this; do you have the best ads? What do your photos look like? Di you realise that the best photos bring in the best clients. Work alongside your photographer to make sure that he captures your best angle. Do not be tempted to airbrush out those lumps and bumps to make yourself look more appealing. The truth is, once your client see that you do not fully resemble the photo, they will leave you a bad review and will probably not book you again. Instead, use a professional photographer who will know all about good lighting and angles. Find out what your best feature is and advertise it. Use it as your key to attracting those clients. Another thing that puts clients off is the ever-so-famous trout pout. A man wants to see a great smile. It gives off the impression of being an easy-going, fun to be with girl. Deep down, a man wants sexy and sweet not sullen and sad.

Another marketing tip is to make sure that your agency on your side. By that I mean that they help to promote you. A good agency will continually be placing the most amazing ads in all of the top advertising pages. However, only doing it every so often is not enough. You must make sure that you are advertised regularly with links to your pages. These sites are how clients find escorts. You must be on there if you want to be known by your potential clients.

The next tip should be so startling obvious that it smacks you in the face. Yet it is surprising how many aspiring escorts ignore it. Keeping care of your body should be the most important aspect. It is surprising how many girls do not look their best always. Spending a few hours a week in the gym is guaranteed to bring those clients in. Looking your best does not stop at just a few hours on the treadmill. Always turn up to appointments wearing your sexiest lingerie. Make sure it is never dirty and looking like it is fresh from the shop. Clients do not expect to pay top dollar to see a girl undress to expose her out of shape, saggy undies!

Experience is something that keeps a man on his toes. Being an expert in many sexual activities is fundamental. This does not mean that they want an escort who has been around the block. To the contrary. What they are looking for is a bona-fide professional. Who is talented and skilled. The best way to learn to give them what they want is to pay attention to every single client that she encounters. The ‘it’ girl, was not always popular. She was once like you. Looking for ways to climb effortlessly to the top. So, make your life easier and imitate her. Try to do what she does. By doing all of this and paying extra special attention to the finer points. You will be one of the top girls within no time at all.