Can you escort if you don’t drive?

Many women who contact escort agencies looking to work in the industry. It goes without saying that they have many questions. The experienced escorts who are looking to change the agency where they work. Ask different questions than those who are looking to start work as an escort for the first time. One of the main concerns for the girls who are new to the industry is transport. Being limited by transport means that a girl can only work as in incall escort. Thus limiting the amount of work she will get.

Absolutely anybody can be an escort so long as they meet the requirements set by the agency. Each agency requires different things from their girls. Especially if they are hoping to work as one of the more elite escorts. It is easier to enter the industry and work as a standard escort than it is as one of the other categories. Not many of the newbies realise that driving is not one of the abilities needed to work as an escort.
Obviously, it goes without saying that when a girls has a booking for an incall service. They will be expected to arrive on time making their own way to their designated apartment.

However, what happens if you do not drive or do not have your own car? Undoubtedly, being able to get from one booking in place to another booking at another place is necessary. Escorts cannot rely on public transport. Nor can they warrant spending money on taxis. There is of course a simple solution to this problem. However, not every escort agency will provide this remedy. Any one of the reputable escort agencies will provide the escorts with the use of a driver. The escort only needs to let the agency know that they need transport to get to and from jobs and it will be provided. Of course, the drivers do not provide this service for free. They will require a small sum of money to cover their costs. This is paid by the escort from her earnings at the end of each job.

Those who are only in the game for the money. Might think that this is extortionate. Yet, when you sit down and think about it, it is definitely worth the money. Escorts are vulnerable. They must meet with strangers in places that they are not familiar. By having a driver sit outside and wait offers the escort a bit of extra protection. Also, some women might drive a car that is immediately recognisable by those who know her. When using an agency driver. The escort is able to maintain her anonymity better than if she drove her own car.
So, the answer to the question, is yes! Women can work as escorts even if they do not drive. They can opt to work exclusively as in incall escort. Or opt to use one of the agency drivers to accompany her to her outcall appointments.